• You order

    - You choose your meals from our weekly selection.

    – No subscription, simply add the meals of your choice to the basket, then place your order.

    – A new healthy menu every week.

    – All orders placed before Thursday 9 p.m. are sent to you the following Monday. You will therefore receive your order the same day or the next day depending on your sector.
  • We cook

    – In order to offer meals of unequaled freshness, All our meals are cooked with fresh food delivered the same day to our kitchens in order to offer you a feast of flavors.

    - Your meals are therefore carefully cooked on Sunday and shipped immediately on Monday morning!
  • You receive

    - An insulated box containing all your meals is delivered to you directly at home or at work!

    - Reheat and enjoy!

    Discover the pleasure of tasting new healthy ready-to-eat meals cooked with carefully selected foods to offer the best to your taste buds every day.

    Spend several hours in the kitchen preparing lunches for the week that are now a thing of the past.

    With Crazy about food in charge of your healthy meals of the week, it's transforming your lunch hours into a little moment of tasty happiness!
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