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We have a wide choice of fitness meals ideal for training foubouffe.com - Discounts on all our express dishes - We have discounts on our express dishes menu including free delivery! Buy your express menu online and save! 50% discount on online order on the menu items. The largest choice of dishes offered online.

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build your express dishes - platxpress - Order your express dishes now 1. Do I want to eat this potato? So I gathered for you my best advice to have a healthy relationship with Food. Consider asking for help from a dietitian-nutritionist and / or psychologist who specializes in thoughtful eating. In addition, salt is frequently consumed as a flavoring or preservative, and sodium bicarbonate is used in food preparation. The right formula: We let our child get their hands dirty and do a few tasks by preparing meals. Receive a variety of dishes delivered directly to your home to facilitate Planning and Preparation of express dishes. Also wait until the end of the meal to clean the floor. “Dessert should be a normal part of the meal. Rather, invite the child to connect with the sensations of his body before and during the meal. However, the parent should avoid clarifying what he does not like, to avoid that the child does not develop an aversion to the same food simply by imitation. - This is the trick of their frozen dishes: once cooked the express dishes are put in individual portions, they immediately pass through A cold space between -35 ° C and -45 ° C, which allows to keep their nutritional value even when reheated. Express dishes are delivered fresh

Express food store

best express food store - Our online express store - Find in our express store the best choice available for you Need an express meal to adapt to your fitness program? With our calorie percentage tools and instructions, it's easy to measure the energy intake you need. You will quickly receive your express dishes at your home.


Free delivery from platxpress

All our delicious express meals are offered free delivery everywhere in Quebec. Only ground shipments are offered in this offer. If it is not possible to deliver your dishes by land, our customer service will contact you to notify you.


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- Make your choice from our tasty menu of healthy prepared meals of the week

- All orders placed before Thursday 9pm are shipped the next Monday via Purolator express. You will receive your order the same day or the next day depending on your area.

We cook

- To offer meals of unmatched freshness, all our meals are cooked with fresh food delivered the same day to our kitchens to give you a feast of flavours.

- Your meals are carefully cooked on Sunday and dispatched immediately on Monday morning!

You receive

- An insulated box containing all your meals is delivered to you directly at home or at work!

- Warm up and enjoy!

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