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We have ready-to-eat and personalized Fit menus


build your prepared meals - good, nutritious and simple meals no prep needed - Order now among our super healthy foods Fou d'la bouffe is a team of fine cuisine enthusiasts, whose goal is to discover the culinary pleasures of great restaurants at unbeatable prices throughout Quebec. Our menu changes every week with new and tastier healthy recipes. In comparison with other providers of prepared meals such as menu, wecook or gastronomy, crazy about food is distinguished by the fact that we never sacrifice taste to eliminate a few grams of fat. Our meals are therefore healthy and very tasty. Each meal contains 200g of meat or substitute, 1 cup of carbohydrate and 1 cup of vegetables. they are also available in a supersize format with 250g of meat, 1.5 cups of carbohydrate and 2 cups of vegetables. Ready to eat meals crazy about the foodcrazy about food

High-end ready-to-eat meal store

best ready to eat fine food store - Our delicatessen home delivery store - Find the best choice for your palate in our healthy prepared food delivery storeNeed meals to suit your diet? used the personalized option your meal to suit you exactly the nutritional needs you need You will quickly receive your meals at your home or work.


Free delivery of fully prepared meals, reheat and enjoy

All of our delicious meals available, customizable according to our fit plan and all our fit menus are delivered free of charge everywhere in Quebec. Only shipments by ground delivery service are included in this offer. To the extent that it would not be possible to deliver your meals by land, our customer service will contact you to notify you.


Other premium foods available:

Complete meals, tasty and ready in less than 3 minutes.

Ordering your meals has never been so easy! 

- Add directly to the basket to receive the meal as illustrated in the format recommended for an adult or personalize it to your taste using the available options!

All meals can be ordered in Supersize format (* For very large appetites *)

 Order now and receive your meals on April 29 and 30, 2024. 
 Minimum of 6 meals per order

6 to 13 meals

From 11,95$ / ch

  • 4 sizes available!
  • Free delivery !

14 to 20 meals

From 10,95$ / ch

  • 4 sizes available!
  • Free delivery !

21 meals and more

From 10,45$ / ch

  • 4 sizes available!
  • Free delivery !

Protein pancake (300g format)

Strawberry-Chocolate Prot-Cake


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Apple-maple and chocolate Prot-Cake


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Raspberry-Chocolate Prot-Cake


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Blueberry Chocolate Prot-Cake


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Banana and Chocolate Prot-Cake


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Other product available!

Seasonal product: Delicious grilled meats, top quality frozen fish and seafood!



For a delicious gourmet dinner with the family or to impress your guests during your receptions, our frozen grills, fish and seafood will be the ideal choice.



perfect for lunch!

Ideal beverage to accompany your meals during your dinners at the office or at home.

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