Being able to vote our favorite dishes!

7 months agoAccepted and Completed, now available to everyone!4

Have the opportunity to leave you feedback, simple.
Positive 👍, negative 👎 or favorites ❤
To have more often the appreciated meals.

4 thoughts on “Pouvoir voter nos mets favoris!

  1. Good news ! You can now leave your opinion on each available meal. To do this, simply click on the “Reviews” tab on each meal sheet. By accumulating many opinions on various meals, it will help us to refine our offer based on your feedback. This could involve adding favorites that are available on a more regular basis, modifying or even replacing certain meals, and much more!

  2. Makes you the best dishes that are quite generous and mostly to my taste.
    Thank you for the conservation of the dishes and the punctuality

  3. It's all well and good but it's impossible to vote for the dishes you've just eaten, they're no longer there, it's the new week's dishes when you return to the site

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