Potted sauces

Many of your sauces are excellent (teriaki is our favorite) it would be nice to be able to buy just a container of sauce (either to add more to our meals or simply for our personal recipes) […]

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Japanese style curry

After choosing the curry to make (I recommend golden curry for the base, unless you make it from scratch yourself) Carrot, celery, white potato mushroom and sweet potato all cut into large cubes, meat of your choice but I have a weakness for pork for a […]

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Choice of sauce

Often the sauces are too spicy. I am aware that it depends on taste but it would be nice to be able to choose the “spicy” level of the sauce […]

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More vegetables!

You should offer containers of varied vegetables. Example containing Brussels sprouts or broccoli or other dishes to improve the vegetable portions which are really minimal in meals. THANKS! […]

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80$ off

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