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How it works

Dine hassle-free with our ready-to-eat meal service in three easy steps! 

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Choose your meals

See life as a gourmet and choose from our weekly culinary creations – handcrafted and ready to eat.

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Free delivery to your home

We deliver these pleasures to your doorstep, delicately packaged and delivered free of charge.

step 3 reheat and ready to eat

Ready to eat in minutes.

Enjoy the ultimate in simplicity: three minutes in the microwave and your tasty meal is ready to eat, for instant delight.

Save time and eat healthy.

Each week, we are pleased to present an innovative menu made up of fresh and balanced ingredients.

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Every week, thousands of customers across Quebec place their trust in 'Fou d'la Bouffe' for their meals. Join them and try us! Our subscription-free and non-binding formula gives you the flexibility to order only when you want.