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We have a wide choice of already cooked meals ideal for training - Discounts on cooked meals - We have discounts on our already cooked meal menu including free delivery! Buy your fit menu online and save! Discount of 50% on online order on meals cooked on the menu. The largest selection available online.

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best cooked meal store - Our online cooked meal shop - Find in our store of prepared and already cooked dishes the best choice for your estoma Do you need reaps to adapt to your training program? With our calorie percentage tools and instructions, it's easy to measure the energy intake you need. You will quickly receive your cooked meals at your home.


Free delivery of already cooked meals

All our delicious cooked fitness meals are delivered free everywhere in Quebec. Only shipments by land delivery service are included in this offer. If it is not possible to deliver your meals by land, our customer service will contact you to notify you as soon as possible after your order.


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- Make your choice from our tasty menu of healthy prepared meals of the week

- All orders placed before Thursday 9pm are shipped the next Monday via Purolator express. You will receive your order the same day or the next day depending on your area.

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- To offer meals of unmatched freshness, all our meals are cooked with fresh food delivered the same day to our kitchens to give you a feast of flavours.

- Your meals are carefully cooked on Sunday and dispatched immediately on Monday morning!

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- An insulated box containing all your meals is delivered to you directly at home or at work!

- Warm up and enjoy!

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